About Our Business
Air Compliance Services, Inc, home of EMTRACK, was
established in 1995 by an Environmental Engineer and an IT
EMTRACK air emission tracking software was developed as an
alternative to large spreadsheets or "shoe box record keeping".  
The environmental engineer had a need for a less cumbersome
method to track emissions from coating operations. Fortunately
he had a friend that had programming experience. EMTRACK
was developed as an easy and expandable way to track and
report emissions.  
Area environmental services companies (consultants) had the
opportunity to work with EMTRACK and asked if it would be
commercially available. Air Compliance Services Inc. and
EMTRACK were born.  Over the years we welcomed input from
customers and regulatory agencies as EMTRACK was upgraded,
improved, and modified to meet the needs of our customers. This
has resulted in our latest version, EMTRACK 4.5.  
EMTRACK was developed and marketed to small to medium
companies that couldn't afford a full time environmental staff. We
feel that most small to medium companies should not spend
$40,000 on emission tracking software, but the lack of accurate
and timely record keeping could cause violations of
environmental regulations that usually include large fines and
legal fees. EMTRACK was priced accordingly.  Complying and
monitoring compliance to environmental regulations should not be
a major cost to a company. Compliance should be as easy and
cost efficient as possible. Manufacturing and environmental
compliance must be affordable if it is to remain viable in the
United States.
Air Compliance Services, Inc.