Air Compliance Services, Inc.
EMTRACK is most useful to facilities that do coating applications,
although it is flexible enough to be used for other industrial and
manufacturing applications.
EMTRACK is a mass balance program that receives material input
and provides reports showing the emissions and the state of

$1995.00 unlimited users for the first facility.
$500.00 for additional facilities.

Reports available:
  • VOC emissions
  • Component usage (HAP's, SARA III, EHS, etc.)
  • Compliance with Daily Class coating requirements
  • Emissions (VOC's, HAP's, EHS, etc.) in pounds per hour
    Compliance by solids application (VOC's, HAP's) per pound
    or gallon of solids application with transfer efficiency
  • Material (coating) usage by component
  • Material usage summary
  • Pounds per hour of individual components
  • Component list (All components, SARA III 313, HAP’
    s, EHS, Critical material)
  • Material list with the components listed
  • Material usage with and without exempt components
  • These reports are available as a:
  • 12 month summary
  • Monthly summary
  • Monthly detail
  • Any date range
  • Post and pre-destruction (control device) percentage is
    input variable

Reports are further grouped by:
  • Permit
  • Emission unit
  • Facility
  • Flexible group (Annual emission reporting)
  • Line
  • Device
  • Stack
  • Material
  • Part number

Other features:
  • Records are downloadable for 2nd or 3rd party review and
  • Multi-customer version available for Environmental and
    Consulting Firms.
EMTRACK 30 day trial:
A 30 trial of EMTRACK is available by issuing a purchase order
for the purchase of EMTRACK that is activated 30 days from the
receipt of the EMTRACK software.  If the purchase order is
cancelled, all software must be certified as removed from all
computers and all EMTRACK software and materials must be
EMTRACK Release Notes v4.6

Release 4.6
1) Compatible up to Windows 10.

Release 4.5
1) Exempt/Nonexempt Material report added.   List of material usage by        
Group with and without exempt solvents.
2) Modified Export/Import function to work with current Microsoft systems.
3) Upgraded Emtrack to Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0.

Release 4.4
1) Lbs/Hour reports now work with operating hours entered by device.
2) New installer program.

Release 4.3
1) Added Flexible Groups of Emission Units.
2) Added Material Usage Summary report.
3) Added Company Name at the top of all the reports.  Use
Configuration screen to enter the Company Name.
4) Added a Polluting indicator to the Components screen.
5) Added Archiving of Usage and Operating Hours.

Release 4.2
1) Added additive ratios to the Material screen.
2) Added Part # selection on the Compliance and Class reports.
3) Added a Daily Summary report option to the Solids report.
4) Added Lbs/Hour report for Components.

Release 4.1
1) Use Device Transfer Efficiency for Solids report.
2) Update SARA III components.

Release 4.0
1) Added grouping by material to the compliance reports.
2) Added the percentage of monthly and yearly emission limits used to the     
compliance reports.
3) Added an option to turn-off Allowed #VOC/GAL on class compliance           
4) Added an option to include the material on the component usage report.
5) Added an option to print specific pages to all of the reports.
6) Added the day a usage occurred to the Monthly Detail compliance report.
7) Added a monthly summary report option to the class compliance reports.
8) Added support for solids reporting.
9) Added grouping to the Material Usage by Component report.
10) Added SRN and UTM fields to certain screens.
11) Upgraded Emtrack to Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0.

Release 3.5
1) If the command line contains a directory, use that directory to find the           

Release 3.4
1) Changed component type labels: TAC -> EHS, TSP -> CritMat, SARA 313.
2) Added a 'More Reports' button on the Reports menu.
3) Added a new report 'Component Materials'.  For each component, this        
report lists the materials that have that component in them.

Release 3.3
1) Removed the decimal point from the max gallons per month on the             
Emission Unit screen.
2) Removed the allowed pounds VOC per gallon from the compliance             
reports.  It remains on the Daily Class report.
3) If the monthly or annual tons VOC allowed is 0 on the Emission Unit            
screen, the reports will print N/A for Not Applicable where ever these                
numbers are used.

Release 3.2
1) New configuration screen.
Has option to allow metric input on Material screen.
2) Improved warning message when doing a Usage delete.
Warns that all displayed records will be deleted.
3) If the total component % is over 100 on the Usage screen, the % flashes.
4) Duplicate directory names are now not allowed on the Client screen.
5) The H2O% on the Material screen is now used by the reports to subtract    
the water from the usage amounts before calculating the VOC amounts.        
This applies to both materials and additives.
6) The Usage screen has a new button, DFind, for browsing the usage         
transactions for a given date. Enter the search date in the Date used field       
and press DFind.
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